CLASSIC GOLD Morse Code Beaded Bracelet | BREATHE



One step at a time...

This timeless Morse Code Beaded Bracelet is the perfect way to accessorize your wardrobe. Handmade with 14k gold plated beads and chain, this classic piece is a wardrobe staple that carries a meaningful message. The beads are arranged in a series of dots and dashes that spell empowering words in Morse Code. Which word will you choose? We’d love to hear what your jewelry means to you. Share your story and photos with us!  @ethicgoods


  • 14k gold plated sterling silver chain 
  • Adjustable chain | 5.5-7.5 inches
  • Ethically handmade by artisans in Thailand with love
  • 10% of net proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting survivors of trafficking and exploitation