Morse Code Bracelet | BE GENEROUS


ETHICGOODS’ bracelet spells “Be Generous'' in Morse Code. This stretch bracelet is made with semi-precious Lapis and Howlite stones. Each bracelet is handmade with love by women who are survivors of trafficking and exploitation. Through wearing ETHICGOODS, you become a meaningful part of her story, and give freedom to women around the world.

To Read Your Bracelet: A Morse Code dot is one bead and a dash is two beads in the alternating color. Start at the small gold spacer bead and follow the Morse Code spelling around the bracelet!


  • Standard Size Length - 6.75" | Stretches to 7.5", Extended Size Length 7.5” | Stretches to 8.25",
  • Handmade with love in Thailand
  • Made with elastic and semi-precious stones: Lapis and Howlite