Instructions for Creating Your Own Morse Code Bracelet!

Step 1: Choose a meaningful word. Write it on your blank card.

Step 2: Use the key on the back of this card to translate your word into Morse Code. Write the corresponding dots and dashes under each letter.

Step 3: Grab your beads and spell out your word. Use two Howlite (white) beads for each dash and use one bead (in the alternating color) for each dot. To prevent rolling, lay out your beads on fabric.

Step 4: Once you've laid out your pattern, string the beads on the elastic. Use a small gold spacer bead after your word and then string the additional colored beads to make your bracelet the size you need.

Pro Tip: Place a piece of tape at the end of the elastic so the beads don't slide off as you string them!

Step 5: String a logo tag and gold spacer bead last. Then, bring your elastic together and triple knot the elastic, so that the bracelet is tight. Put a dot of superglue on the knot and then pull the gold spacer bead over top. Use scissors to trim your elastic.

Step 6: To make a second bracelet, repeat all steps using the opposite color pattern!