Introducing Ethic Kiddos


Ethic Kiddos

Kids That Make a Difference

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new line just for kids!! It is called Ethic Kiddos, and the heart behind it is to empower the kiddos in our lives to be part of the next generation of conscious shoppers.

By Kids / For Kids

That's right! Ethic Kiddos is made by kids, for kids! We've partnered with an organization called Breakthrough Thailand to make the jewelry. They work with girls in rural Thailand who are at risk of trafficking and exploitation by helping them in stay in school through 12th grade and pursue a college education.

The first group to have gone through Breakthrough Thailand’s program are now seniors graduating high school! In February of this year, we traveled to their village to employ these special girls. The money they earn from making Ethic Kiddos goes straight to their college fund!!

It would be no exaggeration to say they blew away all expectations in the quality department. Perhaps it is that they have become such quality people over the last 4 years. The time they invested to learn how to make the jewelry, the diligence in spending their weekends and school breaks working, and the degree of excellence to which they made these pieces couldn't have made us more proud. We think you'll agree!


This is Fa! She is a senior in high school and extremely bright. She is going to school in the fall, and plans to take her work with Ethic Kiddos with her to help pay for classes. She loves gummy bears. Don't we all.

The Bracelets

Made from polymer clay, these stretchy bracelets are perfect for Kiddos of all ages, but ages 4-10 seem to love them best because of their bright colors! Available in pairs, party packs, and mommy-and-me sets.

We chose polymer clay as the material because it is gentle on kids' sensitive skin. It also served as a great starter material for the girls in Thailand. All they needed was an oven, and of course, the clay!

Ethic Kiddos Bracelets

If you're anything like us, you're becoming choosier about the things you own. We crave a more tangible connection with the people behind our things - their lives, how they are made, why they made them, and the impact on their community and ours.

This collection of interviews and essays uncovers some of the specific nuances of protecting and empowering girls at risk, as well as how to pass on a legacy of impact to the next generation of kids who will grow up to be the consumers. They have the power to not only put a dent in fast fashion, but to use it to do something truly good.

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